Tuesday 9 February 2016

Ravey Spice’s Top 5 Underrated French House Classics

Somethin a little different today, last night long time bud of the blog and ex-writer Joe, now making things & curating his netlabel HexMania under Ravey Spice reached out to us with a list of some less than known French House stuff from the turn of the 2000's. Naturally as lictronix was founded on a love of french house I jumped at the chance. And now I'm gonna let them take it away!

Nicholas - Goldelectric [20000st, 2000]

Nicolas Lemercier, under the alias "Heartbreaker", was one of the men responsible for the stone-cold classic that is "You Are My High" (along with Jeremie Mondon aka Demon). He also released a handful of solo EPs on Demon's 20000st label under the mononym Nicholas. "Goldelectric", from 2000's Haberdasher EP, is absolute genius. That little reggae break gets me every time.

Wuz - Wuz [Disques Solid, 2002]

Speaking of Demon, remember the time he and Alex Gopher joined forces and made an incredible album as "Wuz"? The title track is pretty much perfect. If I had to explain the French house sound to an alien, I'd just play them this.

Kojak - Stupid Jack (Trouble Men Remix) [Pro-Zak Trax, 1999]

In my opinion one of the most underrated outfits of the "French touch" explosion, Trouble Men had some real bangers. Their remix of Kojak's "Stupid Jack" remains an all time fave of mine. Big-ass kick drums and an irresistible groove. I still drop this one whenever I do a house set.

Mike 303 - Supervixens [Blackjack, 2000]

Mike 303 is probably best known as one half of Superfunk (who had a minor hit with "Lucky Star" alongside Ron Carroll), but he also put out some brilliant solo material. "Supervixens", from his Boogie Starz EP on the excellent Blackjack label, is an absolute blinder.

Nekbath - Think Twice [Grand Prix, 2001]

Not much to say about this one except that loop is fucking gorgeous.

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Zel said...

Nice tracks :D Lovin' that Nekbath one in particular!