Friday 19 February 2016

Forever Late

Eyvind Earle - Late Afternoon (1994)

Oops it has been slightly longer between posts that I would have liked again. Not much new to report; the paint arrived and we got a wall done, I'm still abysmal at decorating. Anyway back to the music side of things. Starting off with some more Bebop remixes, this time from a couple of blokes from my neck of the woods with a surprisingly exotic name putting a downtempo spin on Forever Broke.

Lets keep it local, in fact getting even more local to my hometown. I've always got time for N.O.W, who if you've been following us for a while is one of my all time favourite producers of chill things and holds one of the few coveted spots on my 10/10 albums list. Here's a crash course in why Smokers Delight is on there.

One last stop on the Damon Albarn feel train for a while with one of the finer parts of D-Sides. Probably bending the definitions of 'electronic' a bit again but I've had this one on far too much recently to pass it up. Enjoy while I return to decoration.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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