Tuesday 16 February 2016


Taking part in the great British springtime tradition of deciding to redecorate a room. And as always it's a clusterfuck and potentially not worth it, but we're too far in now to turn back so gotta grin & bear it. Time for your fill of music because 2 days has gone once again.

Avigdor Arikha - Tubes Of Paint In Their Drawer (1985)

Hot off the heels of the last post, keeping it real with another hip hop piece from the E-Z Rollers' Weekend World. Some of y'all will recognise this one (and I certainly do) as being the theme/menu tune for GTA 2 back in '99. Not that that cheapens it in any way, all these years later and I still adore that organ.

In that same vein, FlyLo's unreleased instrumentals are scrithcin' me itches once more. Shame they all tend to be pretty short, but I would happily fork out a couple quid for a compilation of all these short numbers in future.

And finally, a moodier trip hop come post rock bit from another favourite Swede of mine. Haven't heard much from him since he went full freelance, but then again I haven't really been looking either. Nothing like picking out wallpaper to the moody vibes of a tune meant to accompany Slaughterhouses and orginized crime though.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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