Thursday 4 February 2016


Back to waiting again, but with nothing going on I can keep to the two-day post schedule (it used to be three you lucky buggers). Though don't hold me to that, sometimes things change and I will miss a post day or more than likely I've gone out for the day. But I made it this time so lets see what I have to get to ye.

Nicholas Roerich - Waiting (1927)

I promised myself I wouldn't post anymore Hotline Miami stuff because I like to go for a bit 'o variety (and it's appeared in our hype machine tags). But I'm afraid I'll have to break that promise one last time bcause I am absolutely in love with Voyager; theese are the type of sounds that made electronic music as a whole be so fascinating back when I was a wee bairn.

Not been all lush synthwavy vibes tho, I dug out some MF Doom instrumentals to scratch me never ending hip hop itch. Have a look for the Special Herbs compilations if this kinda thing is your bag, As always they have excellent sample choice and it's always nice to have more instrumental ammo.

Speaking of samples, Rex The Dog has been a big part of me recent listening. That and the slick synths on the chorus bits are an absolute treat to listen to, if yous in need of an audio pick me up, this should do you for.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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