Wednesday 3 September 2008

Dubya Tee Eff

I'm going to conduct an experiment with today's track. I want you guys to listen to the entire track and below, try and analyze it the best you can. Whoever can offer the best explanation of this song wins, I'll be holding this contest until Thursday's track. I want you guys to start commenting, and their might be a prize in it for you, so give it a shot. Write anything you can, the genre, the meaning, ANYTHING.

Why am I doing this? This track comes from the madness that is Mr. Oizo. And I want to see who's a real expert and can analyze the track. So try your best.

Q. But Jordan, this track is popular!!!!
A. Yes I know, but not everyone knows about it, so shut up fatty.

Try your best,


James Masco said...

its a song....woot first place

Champiness said...

Well... It starts out with a female voice counting off numbers (11, 1, 5, 17, 5 again, and 6, in order). Perhaps this holds some meaning (if you add them up, it's 45), but none I can discern besides the fact that 11, 1 and 5 add up to 17. Then our Oizolicious friend kicks into the music based off a formula taken from the second half of Patrick122: A spazztastic Jazz solo with a strangely urgent feel. Then it transitions into an awkward (and equally Oizo-y) crawl with even more urgency and an odd Lounge feel.
That in-depth enough for you?

Anonymous said...

well, if you take 45, the sum of the numbers as Champiness provided, and add 60, the number of a seconds in a minute, you get 105. I figure that from here, you need to find the measure of a man in numeric form and divide 105 by the new number, and there you'll have something important... like the meaning of life, or a winning lottery number. Or maybe multiply 60 by the measure of a man (minute*man)... so i figure its

Champiness said...

If anyone meets Mr. Oizo, check his height. We'll find out what the Minuteman's Pulse actually IS.