Saturday 18 January 2014


Tom Philips - Consider Our Haven: Supplement III (1968)

I got a real love for ambient music, problem is it's just not real popular so I kept it low key for the most part. But I'm gonna break that embargo today and share some of my favourites from the genre starting off with my most posted of the lot, Oneohtrix Point Never. He's really blown up in popularity in recent years which is quite surprising all things considered, there's a lot of quality stuff he's put out if you don't mind looking for cassettes.

As I said last time I put this up, Autechre have gained a rep for their unique brand of twisted melodic machine noises, but they have a real penchant for the ambient too. This one's fast replacing Nine as my number one favourite of theirs.

And of course, I couldn't go without mentioning a milestone release in the genre, Aphex's Selected Ambient Works Vol. II is pretty much responsible for kicking off my love of the genre, but I already waxed poetic about that a long time ago in the Wapred series. Instead of that, have the very first song on the LP which grabs me every single time; Cliffs.

And I can't write an ambient-centric post without giving credit to the grandfather of it all. Eno's Ambient I: Music For Airports from 1978 is an interesting album for sure, even from the title alone. The 17 minute opener simply titled 1/1 is a perfect summary of the album in both concept and sound.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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