Monday 27 January 2014


Film scores and soundtracks often hold great composition or songs, and that's what this entire post is about. I've been going through my music and made a list of my favourite electronic scores/soundtracks.

One of my favourite movie scores.
However, it's not electronic, so I won't post it. But I do recommend it.

I'll start it with one of the most gritty, industrial and brilliantly produced soundscapes from 2012. While it went by relatively unnoticed, Dredd (2012) was actually not a half bad movie. The soundtrack reflects the atmosphere of a grainy post-apocalyptic mega-city well; particularly by crushing, decimating or otherwise obliterating the majority of sounds.

Next is your friendly neighbourhood Hans Zimmer… with Junkie XL. I respect many of Zimmer's works, so hearing someone has remixed it made me worry a little. But, Junkie XL came through; after two minutes. My only quarrel with this track, is the two minute build-up. Great use of vocal samples and deranged strings.

As far as movies go, TRON: Legacy was really quite mediocre. I enjoy mixes of a large orchestra and electronic music, as shown by the last track. However, there are some points during the TRON: Legacy soundtrack that I feel the electronic sounds overpower the orchestra and throw the mood off. That doesn't occur in this track.

Time to back up a few decades. While I could have posted one of many Miami Vice themes, I chose this. I don't know exactly where in the show it appears, mainly because I don't watch it. Just cannot help but love the classics.

Rule number one.

Now we come to one of my biggest musical influences. The Nintendo 64. The thousands of hours I've spent playing to the same tracks, and they never get old. First up is a lovely piece from Perfect Dark. I just love the dark and gritty atmosphere. Rare games represent a good portion of my childhood.

One of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite tracks. Rainbow Road from Mario Kart 64. To me, it just has a nice cruising vibe to it. Every now and then, it reminds me of all those failed attempts to jump the track at the start. 

An Italian running around pyramids and strange mutant turtles to timbale and sitar? Of course! Lethal Lava Land from Super Mario 64.

Lastly, we come back to movies, and to my personal favourite in the Rocky series. Rocky IV.


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