Saturday 4 January 2014

Back At It

Indie184 - Have Fun (2013)

I'm back from the old holidays, hope you all had a nice one! I updated the lil' grooveshark widget on the sidebar and completley forgot about posting, so here's some stuff to make up for that! I originally planned these two to go up on their respective day but then life happened and I forgot. Better late than never anyways, so here we go with another acidic bit of audio from AFX with probably one of the best tracks from the entire Analord series, the way Richard commands that variety of synths is nothing short of beautiful.

Something not electronic now, but I honestly can't get David Firth's (of Salad Fingers fame) indie side project the Grape Digging Sharon Fruits out of my playlist and now seemed an ideal time to slip them in here. Like Locust Toybox and all his other stuff, it's all free and legal over on or the band's blog so go and snag yourself some if you're diggin' it (no pun intended).

And finally something different again, Stenchman gave out one of his Philestine tracks for free through his FB not too long ago. Its not the sublime Feel The Same unfortunately, but it definitely scratched my itch, the old dubstep styling shines through a little more on this one than the others which actually works quite well with it. Can't wait to hear more from this project, it has a lot of promise! (No stream available as of 2020)

Philestine - Turn It Around Baby (Mix 2)

-Claude Van Foxbat

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