Wednesday 1 January 2014

Changing Numbers

Happy new year readers! Hope your night is/was more eventful than mine.

My 2013 was average.

I figured I should keep the post 2013 themed, but I really am not with the times. So instead, I've decided to write about 3 Australian artists, with two tracks from each. Should be a decent list. First up is Sydney based producer Spoonty.

Spoonty has been producing his own music for roughly 3 or 4 years, "but it didn't start to sound good until about a year ago" he said. Recently he began working more closely with Nicole Millar, with the two having their debut live show coming up soon.

Spoonty's latest work is a 7 track release titled Infinite Bliss. Available as a digital download or one of ten only cassette tapes, the release holds some great potential. I chose my two favourites, K-Dreamer and Mall Goths. Both hold a strange vibe, I can never decide whether to relax to them or to get up and do something.

The first time I heard the initial synth line from Mall Goths, I instantly thought it was going to be a strange remix of the Dire Dire Docks stage music from Super Mario 64. However, I was wrong. The hip hop inspired beat and dreamy synth instantly just melt together, creating a strange mood.

"Mall Goths got its name because I always enjoyed the term mall goth for scene kids who hang out at shopping centers, and when I wrote the track, the spooky but also weird feeling of it seemed to lend its self well to the name"

My next Australian artist is Flume. In November, he released his debut self titled album, and reached #1 on the ARIA charts with this single. Simple, catchy and easily to dance to.

Less simple, but more danceable, the Hermitude remix of Flumes hit is my preferred mix. Largely due to that arpeggiating synth, the small drop at 1:20 put me into thinking I was listening to a remix by Danger.

The last two artists made 2013 releases, but the final artist made his last, and so far, only release two years back, in 2012. Barry Morgan from the World Of Organs in Adelaide's Sunnyside mall made his debut on Australian music quiz show Spicks & Specks back in 2010, and quickly became "one of the most popular performers on Spicks & Specks in 2010" (Adam Hills). A character created by Stephen Teakle, Mr Morgan uses only one instrument, his 1981 Hammond Aurora Classic. The pure character is enough, but the fact is, he really is a great organ player.

  This doesn't count as a song, I just love this video.

When I first got his debut album The Touch of You, I had no idea what to expect. But the first song just amazed me. "He put the boss in Bossa Nova"

One man and a Hammond created this.

Enjoy the tunes, and enjoy the day of recovery that is New Years Day!


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