Thursday 16 January 2014

Dead Lines

Robert Del Naja - Knife And Fork 4 (2013)
Rough n' long day today, in at 10 and having to hang around until about 3 for a deadline hand in. Good news is that's my last dealine for a while AND I have tomorrow off, so let's get to posting shall we? First tune to grace my ears as I left the building was the title track from Massive Attack's debut. Absolutely gorgeous sample in this one, still fresh after 23 years!

The second was a bit of a departure from the chill vibes I've been digging recently, tucked away towards the end of Oizo's first longplayer is this menacing sounding tune. As the title suggests it's a reprise style mix of the title track but honestly I love it more than the original. Oizo's little spoken word piece at the end after the final fade always catches me by surprise too.

It's not long befoe we're back in chill town though, with a little bit from short lived band Plone. Their sound is real unique and playful, it's a shame their second album never saw an official release. If you're digging the vibe I highly suggest you check out their debut For Beginner Piano, it's a lovely album.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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