Tuesday 28 January 2014

Phillin' You In

I've dropped a lot of Stenchman on you over the years, here's a follow up to my last post on his latest house oriented project Philestine. Kicking off with another brilliantly titled bit that I barely missed out putting in my last Philestine update called Debbie Does Dover. Like a lot of his soundcloud stuff it's short but sweet as, can't wait for it to be properly released.

Something a bit more recent now, you can really hear the difference on this one as Stench really finds the sound he's going for. Once again there's a lot of promise from this little 2 minute clip, the transitions are beautifully executed.

Finishing it off we have another recent one that got me from the get go. That intro is nothing short of amazing, and I'm loving the way it just gives way as the beat comes in and decks you. I loved Stenchman's more downbeat dubstep output, and this is no different. Keep your eye on this one, the stuff he's putting out is consistently great.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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