Wednesday 8 January 2014

Le Lounge Redux

Edward Hopper - New York Movie (1939)

Today I got to hang out in the gallery space I'll be exhibiting in tomorrow, and it's pretty sweet in all honesty, full of salvaged old leather sofas from the old brewery building that it used to be and with an added bar I was digging the vibe. While I waited I thought I'd set the mood and went looking for more loungy vibes, kicking off with a little something from Sebastien Tellier.

And then things got real moody, I recently put Portishead's debut back in my playlists just in case I needed some somber accompaniment courtesy of Beth Gibbons and friends. The album isn't as depressive as I remember it being though, here's one of the more upbeat tunes from Dummy, It Could Be Sweet.

And finally, a little more trip hop stuff from UNKLE back when DJ Shadow was still involved. It sets a lovely mood with its unrelenting drums and Shadow's brilliant sampling work scattered throughout and I couldn't think of a better summary of the album, I highly recommend checking it out.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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