Sunday 12 January 2014

Quick 1 2 3

Dabs Myla - Glossy Dreams In Electronic Town

Dropping by to write a quick post despite impending deadlines, regardless as the title says these are the first tunes that played as I hit shuffle when I got home, kicking off with Oizo's off kilter intro from his debut LP on Ed Banger Lambs Anger.

Long loved LP of mine Deep Cuts makes a return, on which The Knife dabble in the world of upbeat electropop. Silent Shout is still my favourite offering from them sure, but I'll be damned if Cuts isn't a near perfect album in its own right, I can never have enough of it.

And finally another visit from Unkle, this time with a decidedly un-trip hop styled track. It's A far cry from the moody samples of say Potishead or Massive Attack, it almost borders on techno in parts though DJ Shadow's production still shines through. I also dig that bass stab introduced around 2 minutes in more than is probably healthy.

-Claude Van Foxbat

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