Monday, 28 April 2014


It's been too long since I've been that excited about an artist releasing something...

Danger released his EP July 2013, alongside a music video for 1:30.

I'm not going to talk about the full EP here because I'm waiting for my vinyl and don't want to spoil myself the experience, but here is the 1:30 music video.

I've got no words, just pure joy...

Be back in a few days to review the full EP.


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Up 'n Down

I'm all about atmospheres in tunes, and I was taken on a right journey by my partner in rhyme the shuffle button today, two opposing sounds put up against each other about 4 times in a row. Details after the art!

Pro176 - Astro Anatomy 01

It all kicked off with a bit from Goldie's sophomore LP Saturnz Return, heading off the second disc is Temper Temper. Almost the complete opposite of anything on Timeless, Goldie takes this opportunity to vent his grievances. It's already a bit of a shock after the relatively sedate first CD of the album, even more so when you see what came up after it.

Straight from that we're plunged into the deep house vibes of A:xus once more. Probably the best mix of the entire remix project, that lil' organ running throughout gives me major nostalgic vibes for the garage and house that I used to jam to as a little Foxbat. I really need to dig up more stuff like this for my collection, I really dig it.

Unlike Golide, this next one eases you into the abrasion. I'd long forgotten about my stash of Mondkopf (thanks to fellow writer Here) and it's a shame I did, I'm really digging his electro meets Clark style distortion thing he's got going on here.

The contrast isn't as great on this last one ether thanks to the piano outro of Mondkopf. At least, before that beat comes in it is. Another outing from Ellen Allien and Apparat's only collab that has some real gold on it. I hope they do another soon, because hearing the clash and melding of their two styles is very nice indeed though its not as pronounced on this track as much.

So there you have it, your adventure through music for the day, wish I coulda found a track with a less abrupt end to see you out but that's just how it goes. Enjoy!

-Claude Van Foxbat

Monday, 21 April 2014

On Fire Again

I got looking for Squarepushers soundcloud a while back to see if he had a stream of his newest EP, and sadly there wasn't. Strangely there were two official Squarepusher accounts though, so he must've forgotten he had one, or mucked up like me and had to make a new email address. It was there I found this very, very interesting mix. I couldn't pass this up after reading the description and tracklist, this is seriously like most of my favourite 'Pusher tracks in one giant mix and it's bloody brilliant. Tracklist after I quote 'Pusher's reasoning for it.
"The second of a series of what I call 'horizontal slices.' The idea is that there are several long running 'themes' in my work -in other words, groups of pieces across time that partake of some kind of stylistic commonality. So whilst any given group will draw from nearly twenty years of releases, it will have an aesthetic unity that individual albums have often shunned. Of course, it's up to the listener to make sense (or otherwise) of what that aesthetic may be!" - Tom Jenkinson, March 2013
Rotate Electrolyte (Hello Everything, 2006)
Planetarium (Hello Everything, 2006)
Ultravisitor (Ultravisitor, 2004)
Welcome To Europe (Hello Everything, 2006)
I Wish You Could Talk (Go Plastic, 2001)
PSultan (Squarepusher Remix) (Chaos A.D. Remixes EP, 1998)
Port Rhombus (Port Rhombus EP, 1996)
Tetra-Sync (Ultravisitor, 2004)
Tommib (Go Plastic, 2001)
Theme From Ernest Borgnine (Feed Me Weird Things, 1996)

Friday, 18 April 2014

Louis La Roche is my hero

YES, you're seeing the 5 guys from One Direction, your eyes are not deceiving you.

I don't think I have ever been so anxious before clicking on a soundcloud link before, today Louis La Roche posted this remix and... Oh well it's impressive.

I can't say I heard the original track (nor do I really want to), so a comparsion is impossible to make but this is clearly everything you like in LLR, plus some catchy chorus.

But that's not the only remix LLR posted recently, he remixed a Birdee song too, sadly it lacks of something to be as great as the One Direction remix.

Anyhoo, lately I can't stop listening to japanese electro, especially PARKGOLF. Here are the reasons, right there.


Monday, 14 April 2014


Dug out some albums from days gone by, and you can pretty much track my reaction to them through my posts on here, so where are they now? still in rotation ocassionally actually, here's a quick sample.

Andreas Nilsson - Landskaps

Ladytron's debut exists in a weird place. It gets lumped in with electroclash a lot, while it is from that era and it shares the same old school synthpop revival sound, it's really hard for me to put it with tracks like Miss Kittin & The Hacker's Frank Sinatra or Peaches' Lovertits cosnsidering how light hearted it sounds in comparison. Still check it out for a fairly unique vibe.

I got talking to Adam about Bibio yesterday, funnily enough when I went to Bleep to get me that new Squarepusher EP I found the lovely folks there had given me some free Bibio downloads for my birthday about 3 years ago: A demo version of Take Off Your Shirt and the original version of Excuses from the single. I remember falling in love with the video and it's hazy vibes back when it came out, and the tune's still as class as it was then.

And finally Pretty Lights. Guys been on the up & up lately, but I burned myself out on his albums long ago. Taking Up Your Precious Time is still as good as ever, but the follow up Filling Up The City Skies was a little too ambitious in all honesty. It's a 2CD release and the first half is definitely much stronger than the second, granted there are some good tracks on there, but the hip hop vibes are just much better executed. Case in point:

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Music For Robots (EP Review)

I've been waiting to put this one out for a long time ever since the promo video dropped, after some issues with actually getting my hands on it, here we are. Squarepusher's new project centers around a team of Japanese robots dubbed the Z-Machines: MACH, the 78 fingered, 12 picked Robot guitarist tested up to 1000 BPM, ASHURA, 22 armed drummer that reminds me a ton of Chris Cunningham's Monkey Drummer and COSMO on Keyborads.

Click for big (1000x1000)

So what exactly do you get when you hand that power over to someone like Tom Jenkinson? Some really interesting results actually, to quote the man himself:
"In this project the main question I’ve tried to answer is ‘can these robots play music that is emotionally engaging?"
And with that, the tracks. It starts particularly mild with some jazzy tinkering that wouldn't sound too out of place on Just A Souvenir or other previous 'Pusher joints. It fits the aim set out in his quote sure, but a common complaint is that there's no reason he couldn't have just done this the conventional way. Which while I can see, won't be valid for much longer.

The second track is the one used in the promo and the one I fell in love with almost instantly, like I did with Plug Me In. Honestly it sums up the entire project nicely: its music with feeling made by robots that also pushes the limits of the technology à la Aphex Twin's Drukqs. Gorgeous in parts, frantic in others, a definite highlight.

Straight after we're back into more experimental territory with another jazzy number. Again it's not particularly complex but as it goes on you can hear SP begin to push things a little more. It's great to hear the evolution in it that isn't simply shredding away at the guitar or simulating some snare rushes on the drums, but its probably not for everyone.

That soon takes a turn though, as much as I loathed the comments on the youtube promo being all "OMG DRAGONFORCE" I fully expected 'Pusher to go mental with that guitar, albeit in his own way. And I wasn't dissapointed. Dissolver reminds me a ton of tunes like The Glass Road and Rotate Electrolyte; this is Squarepusher doing what he does best. The breaks are there, and the tricks he pulls with the guitar are stunning, fast forward to 4:30 for a crash course.

I was again pleasantly surprised at the final track. After all this is ends with a fairly sedate tune that again reminds me of the awesome opener to Shobaleader One, Plug Me In. I've always said 'Pusher has a penchant for making more downtempo stuff, and this is just another string to that bow, a fine and fitting end to the EP.

Has the man achieved his mission statement? from where I'm sitting its a yes, but already I've seen the debate run rampant about whether its 'real' music or not and honestly I don't even care. Over the last 20 years Squarepusher has made downright gorgeous songs like Tommib, out of this world abrasive ones like Steinbolt, he's even made a full on Jazz record. Style is never consistent with Squarepusher, but he manages to keep the same standard of quality throughout and that is praise enough.

Get a copy of Music For Robots from:

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fwd:Re:Call To Mind

Something I've been meaning to mention on here for a while. Remember Commix's debut album I'm a big fan of? It had a remix alum put out too, the brilliantly punny Re:Call To Mind but unlike most remix albums in my colletion, not only is it surprisingly hard to get hold of, but also has a string of fairly 'eh' mixes that I wouldn't have expected given the artists on it. So instead have a rundown of my favourites courtesy of their soundcloud (in 3 minute clips)!

It opens really strong with Instra:mental giving the well titled Japanese Electronics their own spin that's a lot more laidback than the original, and in all honsty probably has a lot more going on variety wise to boot.

Next a similarly smooth reworking of Spectacle, one of the few house infused tunes from the original. The bits of the original track are a bit easier to spot on this one, which would be a let down if it weren't for that lovely & smooth jazzy piano dancing over the top of it.

It does hit some rocky patches though. If I'm 100% honest Burial is hit & miss at the best of times and this really shouldn't even be labeled a remix at all, bits of the original are there sure, but they're more like samples that an actual reworking. Still, the tune itself is pretty good; well executed and a pretty nice vibe so I suppose I can let it slide.

Same story with this one pretty much, I'm not a fan of the title either. But like the Burial mix I dig it a whole lot, minimal's not my gig for the most part but this gets it right for me, gives me a little bit of a Golden Boy & Miss Kittin vibe that I love. Definitely check out the full version.

-Claude Van Foxbat