Friday, 31 January 2014

Down Slow

My usual MO for tunes has gone out the window recently, since I bought more trip hop stuff for my collection and now I find myself walking the rain station with much more laidback stuff going on, here's a cross section of some I think you'll dig.

Atelier Olschinsky - Structures III (08)

Kicking off with an unreleased number from anti-artists The KLF. This was meant to be included on an EP in 1994 but they intentionally ended their music career, literally burned a million quid in cash and then deleted all the original masters of all their releases which is a bold move. Anyway, as the name suggests, this is a slightly more upbeat version of Madrugada Eterna from the Chill Out LP.

Another solid piece of history from AFX's debut on R&S Records, the timeless Selected Ambient Works 85-92. I always take the album out of my playlists just so I get nicely surpised when it comes back in again, take it in with a track so nice that it has an entire forum named after it.

A strange addition from Miss Kittin here, what starts as a experimental spoken word type piece completely changes around 2:40 where the track really comes into its own and shows off what Kittin can do with just her own voice, I love that aspect of the production on this one.

- Claude Van Foxbat

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Phillin' You In

I've dropped a lot of Stenchman on you over the years, here's a follow up to my last post on his latest house oriented project Philestine. Kicking off with another brilliantly titled bit that I barely missed out putting in my last Philestine update called Debbie Does Dover. Like a lot of his soundcloud stuff it's short but sweet as, can't wait for it to be properly released.

Something a bit more recent now, you can really hear the difference on this one as Stench really finds the sound he's going for. Once again there's a lot of promise from this little 2 minute clip, the transitions are beautifully executed.

Finishing it off we have another recent one that got me from the get go. That intro is nothing short of amazing, and I'm loving the way it just gives way as the beat comes in and decks you. I loved Stenchman's more downbeat dubstep output, and this is no different. Keep your eye on this one, the stuff he's putting out is consistently great.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Saturday, 18 January 2014


Tom Philips - Consider Our Haven: Supplement III (1968)

I got a real love for ambient music, problem is it's just not real popular so I kept it low key for the most part. But I'm gonna break that embargo today and share some of my favourites from the genre starting off with my most posted of the lot, Oneohtrix Point Never. He's really blown up in popularity in recent years which is quite surprising all things considered, there's a lot of quality stuff he's put out if you don't mind looking for cassettes.

As I said last time I put this up, Autechre have gained a rep for their unique brand of twisted melodic machine noises, but they have a real penchant for the ambient too. This one's fast replacing Nine as my number one favourite of theirs.

And of course, I couldn't go without mentioning a milestone release in the genre, Aphex's Selected Ambient Works Vol. II is pretty much responsible for kicking off my love of the genre, but I already waxed poetic about that a long time ago in the Wapred series. Instead of that, have the very first song on the LP which grabs me every single time; Cliffs.

And I can't write an ambient-centric post without giving credit to the grandfather of it all. Eno's Ambient I: Music For Airports from 1978 is an interesting album for sure, even from the title alone. The 17 minute opener simply titled 1/1 is a perfect summary of the album in both concept and sound.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dead Lines

Robert Del Naja - Knife And Fork 4 (2013)
Rough n' long day today, in at 10 and having to hang around until about 3 for a deadline hand in. Good news is that's my last dealine for a while AND I have tomorrow off, so let's get to posting shall we? First tune to grace my ears as I left the building was the title track from Massive Attack's debut. Absolutely gorgeous sample in this one, still fresh after 23 years!

The second was a bit of a departure from the chill vibes I've been digging recently, tucked away towards the end of Oizo's first longplayer is this menacing sounding tune. As the title suggests it's a reprise style mix of the title track but honestly I love it more than the original. Oizo's little spoken word piece at the end after the final fade always catches me by surprise too.

It's not long befoe we're back in chill town though, with a little bit from short lived band Plone. Their sound is real unique and playful, it's a shame their second album never saw an official release. If you're digging the vibe I highly suggest you check out their debut For Beginner Piano, it's a lovely album.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Quick 1 2 3

Dabs Myla - Glossy Dreams In Electronic Town

Dropping by to write a quick post despite impending deadlines, regardless as the title says these are the first tunes that played as I hit shuffle when I got home, kicking off with Oizo's off kilter intro from his debut LP on Ed Banger Lambs Anger.

Long loved LP of mine Deep Cuts makes a return, on which The Knife dabble in the world of upbeat electropop. Silent Shout is still my favourite offering from them sure, but I'll be damned if Cuts isn't a near perfect album in its own right, I can never have enough of it.

And finally another visit from Unkle, this time with a decidedly un-trip hop styled track. It's A far cry from the moody samples of say Potishead or Massive Attack, it almost borders on techno in parts though DJ Shadow's production still shines through. I also dig that bass stab introduced around 2 minutes in more than is probably healthy.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Le Lounge Redux

Edward Hopper - New York Movie (1939)

Today I got to hang out in the gallery space I'll be exhibiting in tomorrow, and it's pretty sweet in all honesty, full of salvaged old leather sofas from the old brewery building that it used to be and with an added bar I was digging the vibe. While I waited I thought I'd set the mood and went looking for more loungy vibes, kicking off with a little something from Sebastien Tellier.

And then things got real moody, I recently put Portishead's debut back in my playlists just in case I needed some somber accompaniment courtesy of Beth Gibbons and friends. The album isn't as depressive as I remember it being though, here's one of the more upbeat tunes from Dummy, It Could Be Sweet.

And finally, a little more trip hop stuff from UNKLE back when DJ Shadow was still involved. It sets a lovely mood with its unrelenting drums and Shadow's brilliant sampling work scattered throughout and I couldn't think of a better summary of the album, I highly recommend checking it out.

-Claude Van Foxbat

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Back At It

Indie184 - Have Fun (2013)

I'm back from the old holidays, hope you all had a nice one! I updated the lil' grooveshark widget on the sidebar and completley forgot about posting, so here's some stuff to make up for that! I originally planned these two to go up on their respective day but then life happened and I forgot. Better late than never anyways, so here we go with another acidic bit of audio from AFX with probably one of the best tracks from the entire Analord series, the way Richard commands that variety of synths is nothing short of beautiful.

Something not electronic now, but I honestly can't get David Firth's (of Salad Fingers fame) indie side project the Grape Digging Sharon Fruits out of my playlist and now seemed an ideal time to slip them in here. Like Locust Toybox and all his other stuff, it's all free and legal over on or the band's blog so go and snag yourself some if you're diggin' it (no pun intended).

And finally something different again, Stenchman gave out one of his Philestine tracks for free through his FB not too long ago. Its not the sublime Feel The Same unfortunately, but it definitely scratched my itch, the old dubstep styling shines through a little more on this one than the others which actually works quite well with it. Can't wait to hear more from this project, it has a lot of promise! (No stream available as of 2020)

Philestine - Turn It Around Baby (Mix 2)

-Claude Van Foxbat