Saturday 9 August 2008

Day Two [theoretically]

Well guys I'm quite bored right now, so let me briefly give a chat about this blog.
Keep in mind, this is my first blog and my first day (kinda second), so things are likely to change. 
First off, the contact slot. I check my email every 5 minutes so at anytime you want to ask me something, whether it's a request or just some questions about me, feel free to get me at
Secondly, my Artists of the Week. This is my top five, maybe less, artists I'm listening to this week. I will attempt to update these every Wednesday, and they will be original. If you see an artist on there you want to hear more of, just contact me and I'll try and write a small article on them with a track.
Next is my previously-mentioned requests block. If you happen to be trolling the interwebs and stumble across something amazing (electronic-related or not) feel free to send me some info on it, and I'll try to write something on it ASAP, with credit of course. 
Last is my Track-A-Day section. Although I have not added a section for it, I will do so when this blog starts getting some viewage. I promise to have a track uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I can't promise that it's going to be something I haven't posted before. Of course, I'm not gonna be a tool and just post the same 5 tracks over and over again because I've run out. I have tracks, the most frequently you'll hear them is a few months. Come back each day for the track, which will be availible for download. 
That's basically it for now. The sole purpose of this post is just to inform you of my contact status. I'll be back tomorrow (or rather, today) to write somethin else hopefully.
Oh by the way, my buddy James has joined the ilictronix crew and he'll be writing some articles soon. 
Before I forget, if you want to advertise anything on this blog just contact me and we'll set something up. 

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