Saturday 16 August 2008

Ilictronix Spotlight: Louis La Roche

Any man whose tracks can be confused for tracks by the great Thomas Bangalter must be doing something right. I've known about this artist for a while, and he is just great.

Louis La Roche is a recent House artist who constantly reminds us how he wishes to bring back old school House. Born in the UK, this 17-year-old really craves the stuff. He has released one EP so far, entitled "The Peach EP" which contains 5 tracks. Each track is truly amazing and be sure to hear his stuff frequently on this blog.

Mainly known to House-listeners, Louis La Roche is a true gem in the world of Filtered House. His tracks want to get you moving, and are Bangalter-worthy. Be sure to flock to his MySpace at

Now listen your hearts out,


Anonymous said...

Really good ep!

Anonymous said...

It may be worth mentioning that people mistook his track 'love' for a Bangalter track for quite some time.

Jordan S said...

I was one of those idiots :-D

That's my favorite track by him though. I might whip another article on the actual "album" today.