Friday 22 August 2008

My Life is Now Complete

Well I was watching Spongebob while watching my two toddler cousins, and I saw the best commercial I've ever seen in my life. THEY'RE BRINGING GUTS BACK.

For those of you don't know what GUTS is, kill yourselves. But it's a kickass game show from the gnarly 90s where quirky kids would be placed in a variety of physical challenges. If you've seen the show, it's epic. Anyway, it's coming back!!!

The show will return as "My Family's Got GUTS" on September 15th during Nick at Nite. Supposedly a new host has yet to be found, but hopefully they'll do a better job than Mike O'Malley. If someone can find out who the host is, that'd be great. I know the shows probably be evern more nerf'd now because it's about family. But I'm sure it won't be nearly as corny as that damn American Gladiators crap or Wipeout!

But overall, I can't wait. So in honor of the return of GUTS, I picked a very appropriate track of the day.

Now I could go on and on and try and prove how this is electronic music, but I'd probably be lying. All we know is it's a derivation of breakbeats :-D. But I'm basically posting this track for fun. I believe the artist's name is Michael Hawkins, but I'll just say it's by Nickelodeon.

Have fun, and don't complain for real electronic :-)


Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

hahahahaha, i saw the commercial too and I got so excited. the commercial was epic itself, i can't wait for the show, and thanks for the killer track

Champiness said...

I can't say I had the honor of watching GUTS during its original run, but I picked it up via GAS (at least, when I still had GAS...), and I must say I enjoyed it very much. Can't say I'm cheering for the new family theme, though...