Friday 8 August 2008


Well, I can finally consider myself a blogger. 
Anyway, to the point...
This is a blog dedicated to those who love electronic music. Whether it's jungle to synthpop, it'll be touched upon here from time to time. You are also welcomed here if you are not a dedicated listener, or just listening for the first time. I'll post some badass links to check out and even some songs, I'll cover that later, though. 
This is also my first blog, so pardon me if I, well, suck at it. I've visited other electronic music blogs before, but none really caught my attention, so hopefully most of you reading this will keep coming back.
Now about me, I'm your average high school kid who just happens to love house music. But don't worry, this isn't a house blog, but my love for it will be blatantly obvious. I listen to all types of electronic music, and I adore each individual one, except speedbass, it sucks balls. I love Daft Punk to death, but not in a pop way. I also listen to Justice and Chemical Brothers, but Thomas Bangalter is just jesus to me. 
About that track thing I said before, once this blog gets some hits (right now it's probably just me and my friend reading it), I'll be posting a new track each day. I have enough to go years, but I'll probably repeat some out of pure laziness. I will try to upload some obscure tracks, stuff you probably don't have in your collection.
Another note, this track will also contain some other subjects, but that'll be rare. I'll try and make this as electronic as possible.
Come back soon, hopefully my track-a-day system will be up and running. 
Jesus I wrote alot, come back each day for new posts.
Give me hits bitches,

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Anonymous said...

I like this blog. I like people who write a lot like you do, because i'm one of those people myself. I've recently gotten really into old 80's electronic stuff, so don't be surprised if I email you with awesome findings a lot. :)