Monday 11 August 2008

Some Announcements for the Week's End

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's too soon to do a weekly recap. Well, screw you guys because I'm doing it. :-D

First off, I'm very excited by the number of hits we received from only being in business for a few days. 300 hits and 80 unique (the counter was reset, however) went greatly beyond my expectations. To be 100% honest, I thought it would be weeks before people outside my friends would be reading this stuff. The fact that you guys keep coming back is amazing.

Also, I have finally decided that I will be launching track-a-day no later than this Tuesday. But, depending on my mood, I could surpirise you guys tomorrow with it, so be sure to check back frequently.

Lastly, I really want you all to start commenting. I know you're reading our articles, but I want to physically see some response. Is that too much to ask?

Now, get back to reading James's!



Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

I read this article, oh and I go on everyday cause its pretty damn interesting, especially that theremin thing, I'd like to see more instruments though too cause electronic music (or what ever you want me to call it) has some pretty cool instruments

Jordan S said...

then comment on the theremin article asshole :-D

James Masco said...

so very kind this jordan fellow....lemme makes this less blunt. Please when commenting about a post comment on the post your commenting about. <-- Not vague at all

Anonymous said...


Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

what? i was just suggesting that you should have like instrument reviews or something, don't make me remove your site from my favorites bar jordan, er not that i know you or anything

Jordan S said...

Don't worry about it, stranger. I was just messing around.