Sunday 17 August 2008

Scratchy Scratchy Scratchy

I don't particularly like Hip Hop or any neighbor of it, but I have recently been listening to some tracks from the Turntablism Genre.

This genre was created because there was not a fine distinction amongst DJs. Where your amazing scratcher was theoretically the same as the old guy you hired to pop in CDs at your wedding. To fix this, music enthusiasts created the Turntablism genre in the late 80s.

This genre is fairly self explanitory. It's about making music all on a turntable. Most of it is live-recorded and simply flawless. It really makes you appreciate the true skill these DJs have. One of the most famous Turntablists is Cut Chemist.

His track "The Periodic Table" starts and ends very strangely, but the middle section filled with scratching is tremendously entertaining. Many of you may recognize the track from Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.

Anyway, enjoy the track, and try to not skip the beginning or end.

Now get scratchin,


Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

this is pretty sick, but the intro was almost half the song hahaha, but turtable... whatever is kinda... ify for me, it was catchy for most of it, but then it got kinda boring

Champiness said...

Weird and ambient... nice...