Saturday 16 August 2008

A Little Glitchy Here and There

No, the blog's fine. I'm actually referring to today's track. Also, sorry I couldn't write a decent article yesterday, I was out all day.

Anyway, today's song is from our 5th genre mentioned, Glitch. However, I'm not posting a hardcore glitch track, but rather a lighter form of glitch. You might be saying, how is this possible? Well our Canadian friend Akufen was able to pull it off. He revolutionized a genre now known as microhouse, sometimes referred to as glitch-house or even mikroglitch.

Let me tell you, this genre is effing weird. But at the same time, intriguing. Our lighter listeners out there maybe saying wtf, but I assure you, this stuff is actually music. It really isn't very popular, because you can't really rave to it. You kinda just, listen. Anyway, I was originally going to post an Akufen track, but I decided I'll save him for another time. Instead, I'm posting a Hakan Lidbo remix of his famous song "My Way." This is a little heavier than microhouse, simply because of the drumbeats. While most microhouse tracks have really short, quick, drum beats and samples, this remix has has some longer-lasting effects. So have fun trying to figure out why such music exists.

I'll be back soon with another article.


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Anonymous said...

All of Akufen's music I've heard is so...different.