Thursday 14 August 2008

Good News!...and a New Track!

Well as most of you may know, the site hasn't been loading lately, here's why.

I didn't want to pay for hosting, so I was actually hosting the music files on my home computer, yet when I would shut it off, the music files wouldn't load and that's why the webpage itself wouldn't load. But I have good news, I decided to get some server space. So hopefully starting tonight, there will be no more downtime, I hope. Expect about 5 minutes of downtime, however, so I can transfer over all the files.

As for the track, I wanted to go with something I haven't touched upon yet. The track I have chosen is one of my all-time favorites, if you can consider it a track. The song is Justice Remix of As Above, So Below by the Indie group, Klaxons. I feel it's more than a remix, because they 100% changed the genre from Indie electronica to pure raw electro-house.

The song is very very catchy, as is any other Justice song. It was fat basslines and big "explosive" turns that really get you moving, while still reatining the disco feel that is house. This track was a bitch to find in high-quality, and I hope I got a good one, so enjoy.



Anonymous said...

Isn't Justice technically electropop?

Jordan S said...

Yea you could call them electropop. I like to refer to them as electrohouse because they still keep the house roots in most of their tracks.

James Masco said...

slow download lol

Jordan S said...

Not as fast as my computer, but this is temporary until I raise enough money to buy server space.