Friday 15 August 2008

Early Release

I'm not gonna be around this afterrnon, so I'm gonna release the track now. I'll be back with another article later.

This track is part of a genre I don't believe I've even mentioned, Jungle. I don't listen to a whole lot of Jungle, but there are a select group of songs that I like from that genre. Jungle is easily recognizable with its quick, mostly subtle drum beats and trippy lyrics, if there are any. Many people like to link Jungle with Trance because of the vocal sounds. However, that is not politically correct, Nu-Jungle does have some elements of trance, and even some elements of DnB.

Jungle's a tough genre to explain, you really need to listen to it to get the jist of it. The song I chose today is on my iTunes Most Played list simply because it's a great tune. It's not very "pop" and not very "normal." But, anyway, you'll need to take a listen to the song to understand what the hell I'm saying. It has a quick drumbeat that seems original, and the vocoded voice makes the vocals stand out, unlike most Jungle tracks. Anyway, here it is, Pendulum's "Hold Your Colour."

Hope you were educated,


Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

i think this is my favorite track on here so far, it used to be the as above re mix, but this song is insane

Anonymous said...

Me = Junglist. I just got Matrix and Futurebound's Universal Truth album and its pretty insane. Especially the remix of the Knight Rider Theme (Knight Riderz feat. MC Spyda).

I also have really enjoyed Future Prophecies' album Warlords Rising and Dieselboy's album 6ixth Session which has various artists including:
Underfire vs. Negative
Technical Itch
Signal to Noise

and more.

The song that got me interested in DnB/Jungle is Vordhosbn by Aphex Twin off of the Drukqs album. Its nothing like classic DnB, its more Experimental Jungle (another example of this would be Aphex Twin's song 4.

For anyone who's interested in some classic DnB:
Rebel MC Wickedest

its a little slower than most modern DnB (about 145 bpm as apposed to the average 160-180 bpm) but its good stuff.

James Masco said...

thanx for mentioning that this was my pick for the week before i quit hahaha

Anonymous said...

Good track, for the most part. it would be neat to see some less mainstreamed tracks though.

Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

i think if it wasn't for this blog, i wouldn't really be into... electronic music(?) im still confused by all the genres haha

Jordan S said...

to boba, i like to educate alot of listeners here, so I try and give them good examples of different types of music. As time goes on, you'll see much more obscure tracks. Today's track is pretty much unknown.