Sunday 24 August 2008

Locker Gnome

I'm obsessed with Chris Pirillo. Seriously.

Now this isn't the Pirillo from those tour commercials, but the Pirillo from such shows such as Call for Help and Tech TV. This man makes a living being a geek, something I truly envy.

Anyway, even though he's a semi-celebrity, he is still completely open and reachable to his fans. You can watch live feed from his office 24/7 at There, you will find hundreds of other fans watching and chatting via IRC. Now if you're not accustomed to IRC, he has a built in chat right below the video, so you just need to enter a username and start chatting! I'm a regular there, look for me (Azimuth).

Also, he posts several videos daily on youtube. His page can be found at Currently, he's at his convention called Gnomedex, so he hasn't been posting videos or in his office this week. But any other time hit him up. His videos are about anything tech, and you can find some cool stuff there. Feel free to e-mail him at, which he checks every five minutes, and he responds to all of them.

Overall, he's a great guy, and be sure to check out his videos!


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