Sunday 24 August 2008

Funky Fresh

My good internet-buddy, alexdaftpunk91 recently aired a track that I orgasm everytime I listen to it.

Alex is an italian, house fan who regularly uploads house tracks to youtube. Be sure to look out for him at The tracks he uploads are seriously good. Feel free to message him and he'll gladly send you the MP3.

Anyway, my favorite track that he has ever uploaded is one of my big guns of music. These are a select few tracks that are seriously good, and I'll release them soon. Now, most of you might not like French House as nearly as I do, but to me, this song is fantastic. The track is by the House group "Funk Legacy" who is semi-known, I never really heard much about them, but their track "What U Gonna Do Baby" truly puts the funk in tekfunk (That's another name for French House). But I'll shut up so you can just listen to it. Please comment and tell me what you think. Remember, if you voice your opinion, I'll upload tracks accordingly.

Good ol' Filter House,


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Gotta love filterer house :D

Just so you know, I'm gonna be backpacking this whole next week, so don't think I abandoned you or anything.

Anonymous said...

alex (nickname i think) is a she lmao :P

Jordan S said...

wow are you serious...facepalm