Wednesday 13 August 2008

Ishkur's Guide and a New Track

I was recently trolling the interwebs when I found a great link that I feel is appropriate to share with all of you. I believe it is necessary for a fan of electronic music to view this and take it all in.

Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is a flash application which gives examples and descibres each subgenre or electronic. So if you've ever been confused about a genre, this is the guide for you. It organizes all the subgenres by date and category, and also offers some tracks as examples so you can listen to that specific style.

It can be found directly at

As for the Track of the Day, I was a little confused of what to pick, but I knew I didn't want to throw another House track at you, because I didn't want you guys to think it was the only type of music I listen to. Anyway, the track I have chosen for today is by the great English Club duo known as The Chemical Brothers, our veterans of the obsurd. I recently heard it on a Nissan commericial, so I've been playing it in my iTunes all week. The track is from one of my all-time favorite albums "Come With Us." The genre? Er, I think this track is more Trip Hop, but you never know with The Chemical Brothers, so lets go with "various."

The song does have somewhat of a "pop" feel to it, and it's extremely catchy. Like many other Chemical Brothers tracks, the song completely changes halfway through, then combines into pure sex. Anyway, the turn at 1:37 is truly epic. So here's the track.

Hope you guys are diggin the Track-a-Day service, and have fun with Ishkur's Guide.



Anonymous said...

Thomas bangalter ftw!!

Anonymous said...

that ishkurs guide is great! Just looking at it I discovered so many othe elctronic genres I had never even heard of, but now must have! I discovered some Italo Disco artists I hadn't heard of either, and found out the elctro was born in the 70's... who knew?? Could have used some more polite language though... thanks for posting.

Champiness said...

As a Chems fan, I love it when people mention their music. Hoops particularly. And for those of you who love the aforementioned 1:37 turn, check out Electronic Battle Weapon 6:
It's a totally tricked-out Demo version of Hoops, with plenty more of what you love.