Tuesday 12 August 2008

Track-a-Day is Here!!!

Well guys, finally after a bug-filled night, I can finally safely release the Track-a-Day system.

I assume some of you saw the site was down for a little bit last night, I just had to pull the plug while fixing up my Mac's Apache server to host the songs and flash music players. But now, that's all over. Some of you may've also seen a track listed for a few minutes. That was a simply a desperate attempt to put one out quickly because I wanted to surpise you guys, but it ended up failing horribly. Anyway, the track some of you may've heard last night will be featured on Track-a-Day some other time.

For the (official) premier of Track-a-Day, I have chosen one of my personal favorites. As you know, I am a huge French House fan, and this song captures the true meaning of French House, Sebastien Leger's "We Are."

Featured in Ishkur's Guide, which will be written about in my next article, this song is by the great French House artists, Sebastien Leger. Not to be confused with the other 6,000 French artists named Sebastien, Leger is one France's top electronic artists. His popular tracks are played through clubs everywhere, yet he still remains distant from the sticky hands of the popular media.

Although not his most famous track, We Are has been chosen today for it's freshness and all-around geniusness. It's repitive beats and quick turns, not to mention some extra flare here and there, make it a perfect example for French House. Basically, this track is my medium to brag about my favorite music.

So here it is, boys and girls, the first ever Track-a-Day track.

Comment on the song the best you can. I feel this is an uberappropriate article to comment on. I promise not every track-a-day will have this much description, I just went a little overboard because it's the first one.



Anonymous said...

I saw a promo of this on the Discogs marketplace for like 5 bucks today.

Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

lovin the track, can't wait for the next ones

Jordan S said...


@boba - yea i should buy it

keep the comments coming!

Anonymous said...

I like the look of this blog overall I think it is well put together, and only new yet. Coming back for more

Jordan S said...

Awesome, bring friends too!! haha