Monday 11 August 2008

That Damn Windows Key

A little off topic...
I've been complaining about this a lot lately, and I think it's time to see what others think about this travesty.

I was always a windows user, before I found Ubuntu, which I immediately fell in love with. Like many Ubuntu users, I grew a hate for anything Windows. I still used it for games and such, but I just hated it. Then about a month ago, I got involved in the OSx86 project, so now I mainly run OS X Leopard 10.5.2. I think Mac and Ubuntu are great, and they can handle anything I want, except games.

So I guess Windows got something right, they built a monopoly on the gaming industry so now you need a windows machine to do any kind of gaming. Well, unfortunately, that also sucks. I play Team Fortress 2 almost every other day, and I love it. However, when my gaming experience is interrupted, I get pissed.

So how does it get interrupted? With that damn windows key. Any OS where a simple key can make a game crash is unacceptable. Sometimes I miss control while attempting to crouch, and I am faced with a crash.

Anyway, what are your experiences with the Windows Key? Let's turn the comments section into an OS War.

Don't kill each other,

PS - I may or may not be writing another article today, but keep checking back for the track-a-day system might be released.

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Casey said...

only a n00b would miss the control key and hit the windows key. lololololololol. i laugh at you

Malmi said...

Windows key isn't hard to avoid. Since i am pinkie impaired from sun stroke, i use the C key for crouching (i grew up with the habit from Castle wolfenstein)
Also, your sudden transformation from Windows is similar to many people who need direction from the Lord Our Savior. (Windows are the Godless sodomites while Ubuntu is like the church of God.) Please join the flock of our holy church.

Anders "The Swede" Carlson said...

uh, you can buy the same games for a mac that you do for a pc, just get the mac version if you like OSX better than windows, and im gonna bet that this malmi person is impaired at everything except blowing cock

Anonymous said...

There are some guides to disable the windows key