Thursday 28 August 2008

Some Things on My Mind

Okay guys, I got alot to get through, so this article might be very long.

First off, I've been out all day so sorry if the article's a bit late. Also, I apologize greatly for not uploading anything.

Why couldn't I? Well, as you may or may not know, I hate Vista, alot. Like I had given a chance for the longest time and used it for games, and only games, when I got Mac OSx86 on this partition. Anyway, it couldn't even get that right. I have a nice rig, but it was just slow and bulky, and all the new processes that must run for it to work ate up all my ram, making some of my games run slower than they could. So anyway, I just got fed up. Since I'm big on torrenting, I decided to get XP, for free :-D. Now I know most people tell you not to torrent because it's bad but hey, why should I pay for things? So anyway, I got XP. Then I needed to fix up some stuff to make it work, and then I was on it yesterday, while all my music was on Mac. So I couldn't upload a track.

Also, I've been looking to expand the site a little. For isntance, maybe advertise on some sites, and get some sites to advertise here to make some money for my work. So if you guys would like to help me and be my ambassadors to various forums you belong to. That would be fantastic. For instance, make a thread on a new blog you found, anything, be creative. I just want some more viewers because now my viewing has gone done to about 30 to 40 per day, as opposed to 100-150 when it first started. So any help would be fantastic, and I would be EXTREMELY greatful. Also, thanks to my dedicated viewers who keep coming back each day and commenting. Hopefully some more of you will comment. Also, don't forget about third-party articles and sending me some ideas. You guys can make this site whatever you want.

As for the track, I originally planned to upload two today, but I think I'm going to start a new policy. I'll try and have tracks and articles each day. But if I'm busy, I'm busy, and I'm sorry. If I skip a day or two, it shouldn't matter much to you guys. But be sure to check back each day, just in case I upload something. But to the point, I'm only uploading one per day.

So today's track is one I discovered on a blog I frequent to, the Solid Golberger blog ( He uploads tracks occasionally, and I found a pretty cool artist on there. I'm not sure if they're popular or not, but they seem fairly unknown. The name of the gorpu is Kristof. R, a play on "Christopher?" Anyway, they make some cool house music, so I decided to download it from his blog. But don't flock to his blog, stay here as long as you can :-D. So anyway, here's one track by them I like in particular, What's Happening. This is the most disco-y house I've ever heard, but it sounds great.

Jeez, 14 tracks already,


Champiness said...

That song was filtered like coffee. Great find!

Anonymous said...

osx86 ftw!